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Konstytucja dla Europy 1831/ Constitution for Europe 1831

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Article 1. All European nations (if they want to enjoy lasting peace and happiness) must renounce their freedom and to stay slaves of the laws; all of them, and the monarchs (if they want in peace, with blessing of the nations and with fame to reign), they are to be from henceforth only guardians and enforcers of these laws, and no call themselves differently, only as Fathers of nations, i.e. as Patriarchs.

2. The laws which are mentioned here are to be the interpreter of the Eternal Truth, that is, the will of God revealed to us ‎through‎ His commandment: "Love your neighbor as yourself".

3. In the face of God and the law all people and therefore all nations are ‎equal.

4. The guarantee of the equality of the people who make up the nation will be national laws; the guarantee of the equality of the nations will be the European laws, which are intended to form the basis of an eternal alliance between civilized nations.

5. National laws are constituted by the nation, through its representatives, i.e. the Parliament; and European laws are constituted by Europe, through its congress, composed of the plenipotentiaries of all nations.

6. The basis of both national and European laws will be the laws of nature, i.e. the laws of God; an ‎attribute‎ and Theirs will be humanity and justice.

7. The rule in making laws will be the majority of the legislators' opinions.

8. The Patriarch will be the guardian and executor of the national law, and the European law will be the guardian and executor of the national law. ch will be the only congress.

9. From now on, there will be no countries at all in Europe, but only nations. The existing borders between countries - the main cause of European bloodshed - are abolished forever.

10. There will be as many patriarchies in Europe as there are nations in it.

11. The Nation will be made up of people speaking one language, regardless of their place of residence. in Europe.

12. The unequal number of individuals constituting nations will not impair their equality.

13. As before, so still now, in a particular land can live one separate, or ‎several ‎mixed‎ but independent of each other nations. A nation, whether separate or mixed, will only be subject to its national laws. The scattered nations, similar to e.g. Jewish, or Gypsy, must submit not only to its own laws, but also to the laws of those nations with which they are mixed. But this will only last until the nation adopts this ‎r‎e-education goal what is indicated is under the number 27.

14. All nations belonging to the eternal covenant in Europe are subjects of equal submission to the European laws.

15. The dignity of the patriarch is hereditary and falls on the son who best responds to the purpose in line with the education indicated under the number 36.

16. The existing monarchs will have priority in patriarchal offices. The nation which had not previously a monarch will choose for itself a patriarch which is a ruler who has hitherto reigned without a nation (b); In the absence of this - a person from the ‎monarchical family, who ‎soonest declared itself in favor of ‎eternal‎ alliance in Europe.

(b) Such monarchs are: e.g., the Austrian Emperor, who could become the Patriarch of the German nation, the King ‎Prussian,‎which He could become the patriarch of the Polish nation, and so on.

17. As all the nations, so the patriarchs will be equal in the face of European law.

18. The Patriarch, after assuming his office, shall take the oath to the nation to preserve national laws; and the nation will reciprocally submit to swear obedience to him.

19. National laws established by the Sejm during the term of office of the Patriarch should be confirmed by him to be applicable to both Patriarch and the nation.

20. The Patriarch for the more effective protection and execution of the laws entrusted to him will appoint for help ‎the ministers in the number prescribed by national law.

21. The person of the patriarch, as the custodian of the most holy thing after God, that is the law, is holy. ‎and‎ untouchable. An insult caused by anyone to the Patriarch will be punished by the European Congress in accordance with existing laws.

22. The ministers will be responsible for the conduct of the patriarch towards the nation, in the way that no Patriarch decision will be valid without their signature.

23. Any violation of national laws by ministers will be reported by Sejm to The European Congress, which will act ‎according to ‎existing‎ laws.

24. The national government shall consist of a patriarch, ministers and designated officials appointed by an ‎internal ‎national order. ‎ The appointment of an official, whether open or secret, against such an appointment shall be deemed to be a violation of the national law.

25. The right to all posts will be conferred by: reason, virtue, merit, love and trust of the nation , and above all, knowledge of the law.

26. The 'difference' of religion will not entail a difference of rights; each man, therefore, will ‎enjoyed ‎equal protection under ‎national and European laws, ‎and ‎either shall be equally qualified to ‎all offices services and dignities.

27. The purpose of education in every nation will be: to improve a human, that is, to make him a useful member otf the society; strengthening the power of reason over the passions, the dissemination of knowledge of divine and social laws: the inculcation of religious ‎for ‎respect them; Finally, instilling family love between nations connected by an eternal alliance. Memories of history capable to arouse unpleasant feelings between nations, will be presented to young people as monuments of barbarism.

28. The Patriarch, with his ministers, will exercise his office in the national inn (capital) where also the national parliament will have it’s proceedings.The Patriarch or one of the Ministers will make an annual trip to the nation for ‎observation if the laws and provisions are strictly exercised everywhere. Such a trip will be mostly taken incognito.

29. Nations that have been in close friendship and kinship for centuries may have, according to their unforced own wishes, a common patriarch, who will take each of them separately an oath for preservation of it’s ‎rights,‎ and‎ in turn he shall reside for three years in each national inn. Such a Patriarch does not cease to be equal to other patriarchs ‎in ‎Europe.

30. Each nation shall send an equal number of representatives to the European Congress, whose the national parliament has to choose.

31. In the case that the Sejm does not meet, the Patriarch may dismiss the representative who. Is failing trust of the nation and appoint another in his place, who may be dismissed, or confirmed by the next Sejm.

32. The European Congress will be continuous and will carry out its activities in a different national capital every year, and this ‎according to the legal order indicated under number 37.

33. The most widespread language in Europe will be the diplomatic language of the Congress and the national language ‎will ‎be ‎government‎ language ‎in ‎every ‎nation. A patriarch who rules over several nations will make decisions in the language of the nation to which they are going to ‎apply.

34. The first duty of the European Congress will be to establish European laws which are to begin with ‎article the ‎following ‎content : Peace in Europe is lasting and eternal; its main goal will be to stop forever the‎ ‎spill‎ ‎of human blood, that is, to put an end to barbarism.

35. All weapons of war, that is, intended for the shedding of blood, located on European soil, It becomes property ‎all‎ of‎ Europe.‎ Part‎ of‎ it‎ will ‎be ‎deposited ‎in‎ places‎ designated ‎by ‎the ‎European ‎Congress ‎for‎ using it, if necessary, to defend the rights and security of Europe. The second part, while the superfluous part, will be gathered in ‎the middle‎ ‎ the point of this part of the world, where it will be turned over to the exposition of a temple to God, the protector of laws and peace.

36. A circumference of several miles around this temple, which shall be called a holly place of Europe and be destined to be a place of raising the sons of the European patriarchs, which will be entrusted to the most virtuous and most learned citizens of Europe, chosen by the common consent of Congress and the European patriarchs. Writing the rules for the young candidates for future patriarchs, and for their masters will be up to the European Congress. In enacting these laws, the Congress will not only have regard to the purpose of education indicated by number 27 ‎but ‎still and so that the life of future patriarchs could become a model of conduct for nations that they have to rule over; moreover, so that the patriarchs do not base their fame and happiness on numbers subjugated,‎ but‎ on numbers made happy by them.

37. In the temple of God, the protector of laws and peace, the emblems of all nations belonging to eternal covenant will be placed on lineages: together with inscriptions expressing in the national and Latin languages the names of these nations and ‎their patriarchs,‎ ‎ no less the date of their accession to the eternal covenant in Europe. The order in which ‎ these emblem will be ‎placed is the same as the nations entered into the covenant. If all the nations had declared for eternal peace over the next five years starting from 1831, their names and emblems they will be placed in the order of Latin alphabet. The order of national emblems in the temple will be called the legal order, according to whose representatives of the nations are obliged to sit at the European Congress.

38. A nation which, within ten years, will not declare itself for eternal peace in Europe, and even more so a nation that, for the sake of some, whether imaginary or forcibly acquired complaints, will dare to prevent another nation of doing so, it will not be considered a European nation, i.e. a civilized one, but a barbarian one.

39. The barbarian nation will be excluded from the protection of European laws until it joins the eternal covenant.

40. Every nation from any part of the earth has the right to belong to the eternal covenant in Europe ‎and to ‎experience ‎care ‎of ‎European rights.

41. Opposition on the part of an autocratic power to a nation's accession to an eternal covenant authorizes that nation to recognize such a power as a hostile to it, illegitimate and clinging to a barbaric bloodshed system.

42. The monarch preventing nation for more than five years to join the Eternal Covenant peace, not only loses ‎forever‎ together with ‎one's ‎offspring‎ the right to ‎patriarchal office, but ‎furthermore‎ will be recognized for the enemy of peace and rights and doomed to eternal curse for future generations.

43. European Congress provides its own intermediation for each nation requesting assistance in overcoming any resistance that hinders it to participate in eternal covenant.

44. Harm done to the rights of one nation belonging to the covenant by another nation ‎either European or‎ barbaric, will be considered an injustice to the rights of all the Europe.

45. The attempt to destroy the eternal covenant or the idea of breaking away even one nation from this holy union, will be considered a harm to European rights.

46. It will be up to the Congress to devise ways of redressing in line with existing‎ laws the harm done to European rights.

47. Storing weapons of war, i.e. bloody weapons, even in the smallest quantity, in places not designated by European Congress ‎‎will be considered to be an attack of an rupture of eternal peace, and therefore a disservice to European rights.

48. The places in which, by order of the European Congress, weapons of war will be placed, shall be called bloody places. Merely entrance without the authorization of Congress to a bloody place, and even more - reaching out ‎after ‎these ‎weapons will be considered as an attack of rupture of eternal peace in Europe and will entail the loss of national and European rights for ten years. ‎Even patriarchs and members of congress will be subjects to this law.

49. The permanent army is being liquidated forever in Europe, subject to the previous remuneration previously provided by it merits, what the European Congress will deal with immediately after its first meeting.

50. Every citizen of Europe (we call every citizen a person who, from whatever point of view, is useful ‎for the society), ‎on‎ call of the European Congress becomes a soldier, not allowed to be used for anything more than ‎‎defence of ‎rights‎ of ‎Europe and its safety.

51. The cost of the coming war will be distributed equally by the Congress among all nations belonging to the Covenant. And that's it with respect to the number of individuals constituting them.

52. For ‎maintaining ‎of internal ‎security ‎in ‎the ‎nation, ‎i.e. ‎for ‎giving‎ the ‎needed ‎strength‎ to the ‎patriarchs‎ for the ‎due‎ guarding and executing of national rights The Guard of Law will be maintained at the expense of the nation.

53. The commander of the law guard cannot be anyone other than the patriarch himself. The law guard of nations mixed with each other, ‎stay ‎too under the command of their patriarchs; but the main chieftaincy will be appointed every year in succession, and‎ this‎ ‎ in accordance to the legal order indicated under number 37.

54. The law guard service will also be the military school of the future defenders of Europe's security.

55. Every citizen of Europe is obliged to devote three years of his life to the service in the Law in one's own nation. In addition to fulfilling the duties attached to this service, which the patriarch will define, each member of the law guard will learn the art of war and the laws of war; in the third year he will receive from the European congress‎,‎ ‎through ‎the ‎hands ‎of ‎his ‎patriarch ‎the patent‎ of‎ citizen ‎soldier ‎with‎ which ‎he ‎will‎ have ‎free‎ access‎ bloody places ‎to‎ ‎all ‎in ‎Europe ‎to get acquainted himmself ‎ with ‎ use ‎ of the defense equipment found there. ‎ Citizen ‎ soldier ‎ after ‎ ending his three-year service, hands over the patent to his successor and returns to civilian duties. The citizen soldier's patent under no circumstances may be entrusted to a person who does not belong to the law enforcement (e.g. who wants to visit a bloody place), only with the express consent of the relevant patriarch: for the consequences, however, that may arise from this, only the citizen soldier himself will be responsible before the European Congress. The supervision over the bloody places in Europe is to be given only to citizens soldiers.

56. Hunting weapons and all tools capable of taking life, farm tools, craft tools, etc. should be marked with an emblem of eternal peace prescribed by the European Congress eternal peace, so that they could not be considered to come from a bloody place.

57. Use of weapons with the emblem of eternal peace to take someone's life, and in general ‎to violate national or European laws will be considered the greatest crime in Europe, and will entail the loss of protection by these laws for fifty years. Under this law, no one, even a patriarch or a member of the European Congress is an exception.

58. The Law Guard will use weapons with the emblem of eternal peace during its three-year service.

59. No man without knowledge of the laws of war shall bear neither arms of war nor arms with the emblem of eternal peace.

60. Knowledge of the laws of war which the Congress, in the spirit of Article 57, shall prescribe for the guard will be part education of the youth of every nation.

61. The set of properties owned by individuals constituting one nation constitutes national property. The prescribed part of income from such properties that is, the ‎tax, ‎will ‎be ‎under‎ the ‎management‎ of the ‎national‎ government,‎ in order to ‎turn it to‎ the ‎general‎ needs of the nation, how's that for the maintenance of the government, God's service, the Law Guard and for the spreading of sciences, arts, industry, etc.

62. Public assets, that is so-called national assets, will be distributed by the national government among those deserving and having no ‎property members ‎of the nation. In mixed nations, where it is questionable which nation these national goods belong to, the distribution of them will be implemented by a committee designated by the governments of the nations concerned. Indivisible assets, such as mines, are to be always under ‎direct ‎management‎ of ‎national ‎government and the ‎income‎ from them will be diverted to ‎purchase‎ from‎ ‎private‎ owners‎ ‎the ‎properties ‎which‎ are ‎superflous to them and be distributed ‎‎between ‎the ‎poor ‎and thrifty ‎members of the nation.

63. A member of one nation acquiring property from a member of a second nation mixed with the first, acquires it as such from the whole nation. This law does not consider separate nations.

64. A citizen of one nation can only then become a citizen of another nation and transfer to it hisv‎property,‎ when he stops using his native language and makes a clear renunciation in this respect before his government.

65. Transfer of the property of one nation to the property of the other nation as a result of the changes in the two previous articles covered, should take place with the knowledge of the committee of the said number 62.

66. Both the violent acquisition of private property of one man from another; and similarly the acquisition of national property ‎by ‎another‎ nation will be in any case considered illegal plunder.

In the event that the governments of nations in conflict were not capable settle matter with lenient means, it is to be resolved by the European Congress in accordance with existing laws.

67. Disagreements and offenses between members of one nation will be settled and punished by the national courts according to national laws. Disagreements and offenses between members of separate nations will be dealt with and punished by judicial commissions appointed by the courts of those nations to which these conflicting parts belong. In the event that the judicial commission is unable to address the matter, the matter will be subject to resolution by the relevant national governments.

68. Incidents between nations which can not be dealt with in a mild manner by their governments, similary to the matters concerning illegal appropriations (66), ‎‎ will be sheared by the European Congress.

69. The number of issues resolved by the European Congress will be a measure of the inaccuracy of the laws and government of that nation ‎which‎ gave reasons for such matters. The statistical list relating to this subject will be announced annually by the Congress in European public journals.

70. The life, liberty, property, and honor of every member of the nation will be the subject of special protection by national laws. ‎ ‎Being,‎ ‎ the independence, property and honor of each nation will be the subject of special protection by European laws.

71. Freedom to speak, write, and print, not endangering accepted and sanctified laws by nations, will be ‎unlimited.‎ Against this abuse, the European Congress shall establish a law.

72. Every citizen of the nation has the right to submit (in an appropriate way to his/her Sejm) projects of improvement of‎ existing law‎ and of establishing new ones, but without requiring that these projects will be necessarily adopted. Every nation belonging to the eternal covenant has the right, through its plenipotentiaries, to submit ‎projects‎ to‎ improve old European laws and establishing new ones, also without requiring to necessarily adopt such projects.

73. Every ten years there will be a political and religious jubilee in Europe of the establishment of European laws. All patriarchs ‎European ‎and ‎ all members of the congress shall be bound to attend the ordinance which is to take place in the temple ‎of God ‎ the Guardian of law ‎and ‎peace, that is for the first to ‎thank him ‎for ‎the ‎happy‎ maintenance ‎of ‎peace‎ over‎ the ‎past decade‎, ‎for the second to ‎‎approve ‎European laws ‎‎amended ‎and ‎established within ‎that ‎time. ‎Similar rites will be held in all temples of all denominations in Europe, so that each of its inhabitants could share in the universal joy ‎ and ‎opportunity ‎to thank God for taking care of the peace and happiness of Europe. The time of this holy celebration will be the time, ‎in ‎which‎ all past grudges between people and nations are to be forgotten forever.

While so far the main goal of governments' efforts has been the happiness and fame of nations, and the means to achieve this ‎were weapons, form of government, law, and education: so in the future the goal and the means remain the same with this difference that ‎priority of ‎the ‎measures ‎will go ‎in ‎order ‎reverse ‎to ‎the ‎order which are listed. So far, the most important source, I say, not of happiness, because it is not known on the earth, ‎but‎ of fame, there was war among nations, so from the era of the conclusion of an eternal covenant in Europe, only education, law, government, ‎ ‎science, skills, ‎arts ‎and‎ industry‎ (enterprising-JG) in‎ the‎ broadest‎ meaning ‎of‎ this‎ word‎ will‎ be ‎the‎ only ‎objects‎ of‎ emulation and sources of fame of European nations. For distinguishing itself in improvement and dissemination of all this, the European Congress will annually award several nations with commendation ‎ and ‎appropriate reward sign. This sign will be given in two copies, of which one will be hung in the Legislative Chamber of the nation that has received such award and the second one the delegation of the European Congress will place it in the temple of God, the protector of laws and peace, ‎next to the ‎emblem of prized nation. Because the award is intended only to be for such deeds of which resulting benefits may flow down to the entire society - therefore the costs needed to provide the award will be due to all nations connected by the bond of an eternal covenant. Historical tales about fame acquired through arms will be let go into eternal oblivion or they will only be repeated as hideous reminders of the past fifty and nine barbaric centuries. Fame which could be acquired by arms after the conclusion of the eternal covenant in Europe will not be called fame for arms, but fame for defense of law, for taking out weapons. Taking up arms for purposes other than in defense of the rights and security of Europe will entail ‎eternal‎ disgrace and a curse to nations, and is to be punished most severely by European laws.

75. The coats of arms of nations will not, henceforth, bear any signs resembling a cruel bloodthirsty system o. barbarian centuries. Swords, spears and the figures of predatory animals, such as lions, eagles, and so on will be transformed into ‎forms ‎of ‎other‎ beings ‎or ‎things ‎capable ‎of ‎awakening‎ gentle ‎and‎ noble ‎feelings ‎or ‎resembling‎ ‎special ‎‎character‎ of a nation that chooses such a sign as its emblem.

76. Since the era of the conclusion of the eternal covenant in Europe, two only, in moral and religious terms, denominations will be considered. This is: good people, i.e. those who obey God's laws, and bad people, i.e. those who break God's laws. with under these laws, we consider it morally and politically there will also be only two nations in the world: i.e. one civilized nation, that is, the ruling along laws based on God's laws; the second - barbarian nation, i.e. governed by passions which e.g. ‎are:‎ ‎ the desire to spill human blood, the search for one's own aggrandizement while humiliating others, lying in wait for others' property or freedom and ‎so on. (Persecution and hatred that have taken place so far due to previous incidents between denominations and nations, will be from now replaced by persecution and hatred only between the two denomination and two nations just mentioned. If the ‎denomination‎ of ‎good‎ people‎ together‎ with‎ the ‎civilized ‎nation‎ will prevail over the ‎denomination‎ of bad people ‎and‎ over the barbarian nation,‎ the world will become a paradise. If the second side defeats the first, the Earth will remain forever, as it ‎was ‎by past 9 centuries, enchanted a habitat of iniquity and murder.

77. Since the age of the eternal covenant (which is intended to stop human bloodshed for eternal times) will not be punishable by death. Deliberate murder and any grave violation of rights, committed personally or by another will entail a loss of national and European rights for fifty years. ‎ No one, not even a patriarch or a member of the European Congress, can be exempt from this law. ‎ ‎Prisons,‎ in which criminals are to reside, deprived of the protection of rights, will be considered not so much as punishment as ‎rather ‎for shelter from danger which entails loss of rights.

Given in rebellious Warsaw on April 21 (May 3), the 1st year of our bloody reign. (Here are numerous signatures of the craziest Polish rebels)

For compatibility with the original
(signed) Wojciech Jastrzębowski,
A simple soldier, a secretary of a group of the craziest Polish rebels.

Translation Jacek Gancarson, October 2023